Lawn Care

Lawn Care

Lawn Mowing

We like to make our lawns look their very best. We take great pride in all of our work. We will transform even the worst looking lawns into points of great pride.

The way that your lawn is mowed and edged is vital to its clean look. And, believe it or not, weed eating takes skill. There is definitely a right way and a wrong way to perform lawn care tasks.

We hit all those tough to reach grassy areas, make sure your lawn has sharp edges, and remove any grass clippings from your driveway, walkways, and other hardscaping elements before we leave.

Weed Eating

We provide weed eating services as well as weed pulling in more sensitive areas such as garden beds.


Pruning is beneficial to shrubs because it removes branches that are dead, dying or diseased and makes room for new growth. Pruning can also be performed to live, healthy plant tissue to reduce size or form the structure of the plant.

Pruning helps improve plant health and can increase the longevity of plants, so you’re ultimately protecting your landscape investment.

Pruning frequency and timing is also very different than shrub trimming, which can occur throughout the year without harming the plant. Pruning is best done in winter when plants are not stressed from high temperatures and dry weather. Winter pruning prepares a shrub for healthy, new spring growth.